Imagine, out of all of you who are reading this, one of your parents will become isolated as  they grow older.

Research shows isolation leads to depression

and depression leads to higher

risk of ending up in a hospital. 

Here at Personal Reality we are changing the way we think about aging. We have created a service that allows older adults to travel the world, reconnect with families and even relive past memories.



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| The Goal is Simple, Cultivate positive quality of life for older adults  |

In an ever evolving world we are constantly looking for innovation and change. Unfortunately older adults have been put second when it comes to changing   they're circumstances. 70% of people turning the age 65 can expect to use some form of long-term care in their lives.The closer we get to 65 the more we worry about our loss of autonomy. The unfortunate part of growing older in our modern society is we look at older adulthood as an ending.  What if we changed the way we view the later stages of life? 

We want to give back that autonomy, allowing older adults to choose how they spend their time. Whether that’s taking a trip to rural homestead where they once lived or explore a completely new  place they never thought they would get the chance to visit. Here at personal reality we are striving to change the way we define care.



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