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At this point, it's time to generate a collection of content that embodies an experience that creates a rift between reality for the consumer. Our goal is to take the information collected and package a bundle of experiences that align the interests of the person.  

"Exploring the world through VR is like having a superpower, it allows me to visit places I've never been and experience things I never thought possible. It truly expands the boundaries of what it means to be human."

The information gathering portion is key to providing a successful experience. At this stage we will not only meet with the person receiving the experience but also any family, friends and caregivers that may have valuable input into what the person's version of a successful experience truly derives happiness from. 

The unique part about this process is what we get the opportunity to get to know the person better while also getting a deeper understanding of how we can make sure that they receive a blissful experience.

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